MAZEL-TOV apparatus

For in-line generation of circularly polarized high harmonics

Following several queries, we decided to share supplemental technical information regarding the construction of MAZEL-TOV (MAch-ZEhnder-Less for Threefold Optical Virgina spiderwort) apparatus – our simple and robust device for in-line generation of circularly polarized high harmonics (see Kfir et al, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108 211106 (2016) and the demonstrative movie clip within it). When inserting a MAZEL-TOV device in the laser beam path of a standard system for HHG, the harmonic spectrum immediately changes from odd-harmonics with linear polarization to a typical spectrum of circularly polarized harmonics. The device can control the polarization of the generated high harmonics by rotation of a single quarter-waveplate.


List of MAZEL-TOV components

MAZEL-TOV devices price list.
ItemNo. units Price Per unit
Approximated total cost 13420$
BBO Crystal, 10x10x0.2mm,

Type I phase matching, AR coated.
1 900$
Calcite GVD compensator, 55 deg cut,

10x10x1mm,AR coated.
Achromatic waveplate for 300nm-1100nm,

19mm clear aperture, air spaced, AR coated.
1 10900$
UVFS window, 25.4mm x 2mm, AR coated. 1 120$
Mounts, parts and Machining 500$

Mazel-Tov standard system

MAZEL-TOV circular system