MAZEL-TOV apparatus

for in-line generation of circularly polarized high harmonics

Few years ago, we have constructed a robust device for generation of circularly polarized HHG, under the acronym MAZEL-TOV (MAch-ZEhnder-Less for Threefold Optical Virgina spiderwort). When inserting a MAZEL-TOV device in the laser beam path of a standard system for HHG, the harmonic spectrum immediately changes from odd-harmonics with linear polarization to a typical spectrum of circularly polarized harmonics (see Kfir et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 108 211106 (2016) and the demonstrative movie clip within it). The stability, beam quality, and polarization control of this device allowed us to demonstrate the first chiral (i.e. magnetic) imaging using high-harmonic sources (see Kfir et al., Science advances eaao4641 (2017) ), with nanometric resolution – competing with that available in synchrotrons.

Since the original publication, we have implemented several improvements, and expanded the device to fit a wide variety of laser systems, pulse energies, fundamental wavelength, beam diameters, etc. We recently teamed with paradox-electronics in the hope to provide for tailored solutions for interested parties. Inquiries for availability to a particular laser system, or requests for quotations can be sent to


Mazel-Tov standard system

MAZEL-TOV circular system